by tigoboANIMATION

"AnimDessin" panel Photoshop for animators

Type : Video (French) Tags : Photoshop, Adobe, Animation, Panel, Digital, Stéphane Baril

Description (by Stéphane Baril):

" This panel aims to facilitate the creation of animation frame by frame in Photoshop CS6 (available for CS4 & CS5).

I especially thank my friend Reno Armanet who explained and showed me what an animator needs. And a big thanks to Pablo Navarro who is my Betatester :) "

Stéphane Baril

Download the panel for CS6

For CS5 or CS4 you will find it near the bottom of page (Anim_Dessin) here

After downloading, to install it, simply double click on the ZXP file and the Adobe Extension Manager will do the rest... Just restart Photoshop, so that the panel is available.

Of course, it's free "streamable" at will ;)