The online individual class is a tailor-made courses. TIGOBO team proposes an adapted and personal program to fit your needs.
You define the frequency of online reviews according to your schedule.
Selection made on portfolio and motivation.


  • Portfolio Review and Development
  • The Art of Story telling and Script Writing
  • Visual Development (Character, Environment and Background Design, etc.)
  • Storyboarding
  • Direction
  •  2D Animation and 3D Animation
  • Developing Personal Projects


Selection made on portfolio and motivation.

Applicants must have a strong motivation and a solid foundation in drawing. A portfolio and/or a Demo Reel must be submitted for evaluation in order to be accepted. Only the strongest applicants will be accepted to ensure that the best possible team is assembled for your classes.


From $70 (63€) / hour


Choose your schedule

Choose your Own Rythm of work:

Cool – One review every 15 days.

Medium – One review per week.

Intensive – 2 review per week.

Download the registration form:

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