RenO is an independent director and instructor. He has 20 years experience of teaching in schools worldwide (Gobelins, Concept Design Academy, Art Center, CalArts, The One Academy etc.)
He had more than 1000 students over the world, he also directed and mentored hundreds of short personal films.
From all these experiences he has created a unique teaching method : METHOD-OA
He created TIGOBO School PRO to give students an opportunity to benefit from a very unique way of teaching, WITH TAYLOR-MADE PROGRAM AND « À LA CARTE » COURSES.
While technique will be taught, TIGOBO School PRO also believes in “growing” and “nurturing” each student’s unique personality and talent in order to “push” his or her own individual Art beyond their wildest expectations.
The tigobo team is made up of internationally renowned artists that share the same inde- pendent spirit and passion for animation.
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